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About Us

Hello There!

I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to share my journey with you. Originally hailing from the sunny shores of Southern California, my life took an exciting turn when we made the decision to relocate to the beautiful landscape of Southern Oregon years ago, following nearly a decade in Indiana.


Hello there!

There are no limits to my passion for connecting with others.; I consider myself a dedicated advocate for others and possess an unwavering fascination with the world of hospitality. This deep-seated passion was instilled in me by my parents, who imparted the art of making people feel truly at ease and providing them with the highest level of comfort. The joy I derive from this endeavor is immeasurable, and I aspire to bring a sophisticated, white-glove approach to the world of real estate. I am a perpetual student at heart, always hungry for knowledge in various domains, including business, travel, gardening, and health.


My past role as a supervisor for a government collection firm equipped me with the invaluable ability to work with precision and independence. Outstanding communication skills were a non-negotiable requirement, and a keen eye for detail was paramount. What truly resonated with me in that role was the opportunity to guide individuals step by step toward their goals, making the process seamless. I am genuinely excited to bring this quality to the forefront as a licensed broker.


When I'm not assisting clients or managing the intricacies of my business, you'll find me tending to my garden, strumming my guitar, or simply cherishing moments with my beloved family. Our family is a tribe of six, comprising of three young adults, three little ones. I am also fortunate to have a steadfast partner in my husband, who has been there for me through every twist and turn of life's journey. Above all, my greatest passion lies in connecting with people and nurturing relationships. If you happen to spot me in the community, please don't hesitate to strike up a conversation! I'm confident that we share common acquaintances in this close-knit valley.


Sending my warmest regards and best wishes your way!

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